Live Search by 'one little designer'


Has anyone used the Live Search by these guys?
I have seen the live demo which looks really cool, but wanted to know if the search listings show results from all my website html pages as the documentation states it dynamically reads the sitemap and therefore pages in navigation only?


I use it and it works as expected. Sometimes displays duplicates but it does pick up everything on all pages. It also allows you to add pages not in the navigation by adding them to a list in the stack.

Excellent, thanks for quick reply wirrah

Here is an example There are many more pages than the main pages. Show and trial results. They are all linked into the search stack. E.g. search for “Royoni” and it will show pages not in the navigation.

Perfect, I see you have a 'Back to results" link, is that in the customisation settings?

That’s a Foundry button. As soon as the page is displayed we’re beyond the 1LD search stack. The search stack is just another way of getting to the same place as navigating the “Results” page. Hope that makes sense.

Sorry, the results aren’t the search results, it’s just a link back to the “Results” page

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Hi Wirrah, another question if you don’t mind?
my results are listed but some pages are missing text from the browser title. It seems inconsistent as there are almost identical pages with just a year showing at the end, some pages are correctly showing the year, but some are not and I don’t see why?

Not sure. I tested mine with a search that returned pretty much every page and the browser titles looked ok. I’ll send you a copy of my settings but I don’t think there is anything there that would affect the titles.

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Hi Wirrah,
May I have a copy?