Location of the Paid-for Classes

I bought classes, I can’t find them. Could send me a link to the classes?

May I recommend that you place them in the Elixirgraphics.com or in the Foundry “Master Your Craft” webpage?

@TitanWDD I might be wrong, but I don’t think @elixirgraphics sells any classes. But there’s RapidWeaver Classroom whom I think does offer a course for sale. I might be wrong, but could you be more specific about where you “bought” the classes?

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They’re some paid Project files from @elixirgraphics

RW does a great set of tutorials on Foundry 2 and 3 here:

@TitanWDD Is this the tutorials you are referring to? Or do you really mean a standalone project (without extensive videos) as @Steve_J refers to?

Hey there @TitanWDD

As @mitchellm and @Steve_J have mentioned, I don’t sell any teaching materials. Everything I offer in that realm is free. You can find my offerings on the Foundry site under the Documentation and Getting Started sections of the site.

Also, as others here stated, you might be thinking of RapidWeaver Classroom. If so you’ll want to reach out to them regarding your purchase. But, like I said, you definitely didn’t buy any teaching materials from Elixir as I don’t sell any.

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That was the exact one. Thank you.