Login and Access Control

Is is possible to swap out the built in Login feature to use SiteLok. I also need the ability to control the menu options on the editor page as well.

No, that is not a possibility.

Which menu options and in what way?

I would like to have the ability to enable/disable any of the menu items on the utility menu.
Is it possible to disable the Login feature.
Can I show or hide the Draft/Publish button.

What I need to do is separate the content creator from the content publisher. It would be nice if you allowed some of the controls on the editor page to be protected using SiteLok.

I am sorry but none of what you’re looking for is an option.

As for Sitelok — I do not have an interest in integrating Sitelok or any other service like it into Alloy. I do not wish to be reliant on a third party service for something like that.

It sounds like Alloy is not a good fit for you and what you’re looking to do.

Adam I see in the latest version of Alloy you gave the option to show or hide the Tutorial menu item. Could you extend that for the other options as well in the utility menu.

I feel like primary functionality like backups, Embeds, Blog Posts, etc are different than the Tutorials button.

Agreed but it would be nice for the website creator to have the flexibility to allow which functions are available. Wouldn’t you agree? It is a matter of flexibility and ultimately should be the decision of the website creator I would think. I hope you would reconsider and extend this capability to those options as well. Just in the way you provide a means to show or hide toolbar items. One could also make an argument that certain items provide a basic function and should not be removed but in this case you give full flexibility. Which by the way I feel is the right thing to do.

By the way I have all of your products and say your stacks are the most well thought out and easy to use and enable non web developers like myself to create beautiful sites.

I’m with you Brett, as I am making this available to a client who is not at all computer literate and by having these items available in the Utility Menu is asking for trouble. Am I wrong but in an older version could you not show these.