Login Problems with Alloy + blog posts no longer visible


I have been using Alloy for quite some time. Recently however, when I enter my username and password, I am redirected to a non-existent page. It takes me to an URL ending with */Editor/index.php?tab=blog. If I change the ending back to */Editor/editor.php I am logged in again and can see my posts.

The second issue that occurred at the same time is that my blog posts have disappeared from the homepage and I can only see the example blog post. The posts that have been written are still visible on the editor page though.

I hope you can help me.


Have you recently updated to Alloy v3 from a previous version?


This is how the Editor knows whether to be on the blog posts, embed or droplets page of the Editor.

Just going off of your post it is going to be hard to troubleshoot your problem. Please provide me with the following items:

  • A ZIP file containing your project file. After you create the ZIP file, use WeTransfer or a similar service to upload that ZIP file. I’ll need the download URL it creates.
  • I’ll also need a link to your blog and editor pages, as well as a login.

You can email all of the above to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Posting a follow up here after working with @LUWE83 over email.

So it was just a couple overlooked configuration problems. The non-displaying blog posts problem was just a mismatch of post folder configurations between the Blog and Editor pages. The posts and image uploads folder names simply didn’t match up.

The login issue was related to the Editor page not being named index.php but instead editor.php

Page names should be index(regardless of file extension) for all uses and the folder name itself should distinguish each page from one another.

These two quick fixes got things all smoothed out. Thanks for your quick replies @LUWE83 and glad we got it all sorted out quickly. :slight_smile: