Logo size is too small in Navigation Bar in Foundry 3


Since I have recently purchased Foundry 3, I am trying to create my website in F3 again while learning F3 from the videos. I have two problems I am facing right now:

  1. I want to show the company logo alongside the company name in Navigation Bar tool under branding section. The problem I am facing is that although my logo size is 2300x2100 px, when I drop the file in the image well, it displays as too small by default when previewed in web browser. Can someone please help me understand what the problem is and how to display the logo a little larger so that it is visible at least clearly. What is the default size (in pixels) that Rapidweaver/Foundry 3 resizes the image file to in Navigation Bar tool for the logo.

  2. I want to display an area (Top Bar) in any colour (say blue) just above the main Navigation Bar tool that has the company support email and phone number on the left side and the Facebook link (logo) on the right side. I have attached a sample image…

Thanking in advance.


Your logo should NOT be that large. That will be a drain on your page load speed.

There’s a logo sizing setting in Navigation Bar:

Covered in the documentation page for Navigation Bar:

Didn’t see a sample image. If you want to repost it I’m sure we can assist.

Hello Adam,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Please find the sample image attached.
Also can you please advise what is the most appropriate size for a Navigation Bar logo so that I can resize my logo. Just to let you know I tried to resize the logo to 600x200 px, however then also it displayed like very small. I have 27" MacBook Retina. I am posting the image of displayed logo as well for your reference…


The sizing would be up to you and your wants / needs. You just don’t want to use such an enormous image size for a logo. You should make the image size about the size you hope to have it show in your navigation bar. Honestly you probably don’t want it very large.

After looking at your screenshot I don’t understand any more what you are looking for as I just see a navigation bar on your page. I’d expected you’d send a sample of what you were aiming to achieve. Maybe you have a sample you could share.


Maybe the screenshot is not able to express properly. Please check this website (timetosave.com.au)
There is a bar at the top (above the Navigation Bar) that has the company phone on left and Facebook logo on right. This is what I am trying to achieve on my website as well.

Also if you see the slider on the homepage of this website, it has custom sliding text and Call To Action buttons on individual slides. How can we achieve this in Foundry 3.