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I need a simple website (four pages: home, about, the workshop, and a blog) for a small nonprofit. I’m so busy trying to get the project started that I don’t have the time and focus to learn RapidWeaver 7 and Foundry. I have most of the copy ready and even some graphics. Please send me: 1) links to your designs made with Foundry, 2) your availability, 3) a rough estimate of what it might cost.

Thank you so much.


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Hope you get some replies @cubana! There’s several people on the forum that build sites for others and enjoy it greatly.

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Hi @cubana Carmen,

I would be more than happy to help, although I am still working on the website it is done with Foundry, but you may want to have a look at it: http://snma.ca/. if you like it, let’s have a chat my email monica.sayegh@yahoo.com

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Thanks, Adam. I’ve gotten three replies.


Awesome! Hopefully you’ll find someone who you click with and can get something to your liking!

We would be happy to help out. Our site is made on Foundry and we’ve posted a few others in the in the forum. Currently, we are working on 11 sites that are in various phases and we can always add another one. Typically, the process is done in about 30-60 days depending on how ready you are with content and available to approval through the initial design of the home page. Our pricing to a non-profit is $500/page and includes 12 months worth of updates and content changes.

Reach out to me if you’re interested.

thank you, Eric Vaughn

Red Truck Designs

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Thanks to all who replied. The website is now up.


Hi Monica would appreciate if you keep me updated on your website done with Foundry… looks forwards to it.
I can’t decide yet to get started with Foundry or Foundation.

@TINO, Hi there, well I have published the site (http://snma.ca/) and will continue once the client gets back from holiday, please see as well my 1st site done with Foundry (http://www.afghansocietyofhalifax.ca/index.php) although I did not like it that much but the client wanted it like that!
Currently I started a third one will send you the link once I am done. Personally, since I’ve started with Foundry I do not like to design with Theme anymore :slight_smile:
If you want a straight forward and not complicated go for Foundry as I heard Foundation is great but a bit complicated!.

PS: So far I have not faced any third party stack/plug-in issues with Foundry!


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Thanks Monica, looking forwards on the link and following your progress…

Not so long that I have been start to work with RW, before I have been working with Adobe DW, etc Adobe products and years ago with iWeb. Have designed actually quite a lot of sites before with iWeb changed a lot’s of things with html etc integrations into it. Business websites for myself but not online anymore… have been quite a long time ago. From real estate agency websites, business solutions & investments to an escort agency website (https://www.linkedin.com/in/inmokvc?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile).

A few months ago I have been done my first business website on RW www.bensaglobaltrading.com , a simple website for a fruit company. I’m working now on a sophisticated website for an IT & Business Solutions company website that’s will cover many sectors, one of them document management for small businesses. This site will be for myself, will be part of a business group that I’m working on.

Keep in touch…

I think there is a typo at the bottom of the home page above the contact us button (difference ?)

Just a quick look… first impression very clean, beautiful design, functionality.
Saw nothing wrong on the bottom of the home page above the contact us button, not at the first look at least.


“Difference” is misspelled as @annebourdon pointed out . But i noticed that none of the text is highlightable when I attempted to copy the word and paste it here. Is that intentional?

@annebourdon, yes it was :slight_smile: thank you for letting me know. appreciated! Happy New Year.