Lots of files to publish, even when small change

I just installed Alloy and suddenly I have problems when publishing.

Even if I only make a small change in RW there is over 1000 files to publish and I end up with a message that says “unable to publish” and “Could not transfer”

Seems like it can not publish the readme file?
It publishes everything but that file.


Hi @Engrafiker

My products don’t have any influence over publishing unfortunately. What to publish and when to publish it is handled by the RapidWeaver app itself. Alloy, nor any of my other tools, can tell the app that something needs to be published. If you’re running into publishing problems you’ll want to contact Realmac Software directly about that as they’re the ones that control the publishing process via the RapidWeaver app.

I’m not sure what “readme” file you’re referring to here.

It is the README.md file that will not publish.
Is that file from Alloy?

It says transfer failed.

/ H

Do me a favor — if you’ve not already, do a check for updates in the Stacks Library to ensure you’re using the latest version of Alloy. Once you update, restart RW and try doing a Republish All Files from the app.

I´ve done that.

I also got this warning on the editor page.

Warning: array_column() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /storage/content/78/246778/orus.se/public_html/editor/index.php on line 419 Warning: array_column() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /storage/content/78/246778/orus.se/public_html/editor/index.php on line 419 Warning: array_multisort(): Argument #1 is expected to be an array or a sort flag in /storage/content/78/246778/orus.se/public_html/editor/index.php on line 419

What is that?

I moved the Blog page (it is new so there are no posts yet)
When I Post a new post it will not appear on the blogpage.
The Blog entry stack is there and I relinked it in the stacks settings.

/ H

And what was the result?

These are showing because you have your PHP configuration setup to show Warnings and Depreciations. You’ll want to disable that in your PHP settings on your server. You can do this through your host. These PHP warnings are nothing to worry about. :+1:

I’d need to see how you’ve setup your project file to tell you more. That said, I’d encourage you to start a new project file and practice setting it up by following the tutorial video step-by-step and setting up the project file exactly as shown in the video. If after doing so you’re still having trouble with your practice project file, then please send me a ZIP file containing the project file(s) and I’ll take a look. You can use WeTransfer or a similar service to send me the ZIP file download link. Send that download link to me via email at: adam at elixirgraphics dot com

That said, it is a holiday here in the US so I may not be back at the computer any more today.

I found the problem with the Blog.
I copied the Alloy stack from a other page (edito page) and pasted it into the new blogpage.
It apparently sets the blog posts folder and the image folder back to default when copying the alloy stack. I renamed the folders again and it works.

Now it is only the meny files problem, when publishing.

I will contact my host about the PHP warnings.

Thanks and have a nice holiday!

You don’t have to contact the host. Or shouldn’t need to with a good host. You can change the settings in your control panel. Refer to your host’s documentation.

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