Lots of Foundry Projects in the 50% off sale

We are having a 50% off sale for the entire Black Friday Week with plenty of Foundry Projects. Just use code paddy.

Also Project3 for Foundry has had a major reworking and is now based on EasyCMS for a genuinely easy to use CMS restaurant/cafe type web site with a beautiful Admin page. All menus, main text and news is ready for customers to edit. Existing Foundry customers can log into Paddle and download the new V2 version.



While @elixirgraphics has great videos for learning how Foundry and its stacks work, @webdeersign projects are a great way, (for those of use who lack decent design skills), to see how they can be put together in some visually beautiful ways. They really demonstrate the power of Foundry.

If you want to learn, pick up a few projects to see how he does stuff - at 50% off it’s a great deal.


Brilliant! Like @SanityBox said I am going to do some learning by getting project or two =)


I have created an Admin Demo page at Webdeersign Project 3 admin demo page to demonstrate the Admin page. Note that the Save function is disabled in the Admin Demo page.

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Sale still going until the end of tomorrow Tuesday at midnight GMT (UK time).

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