Mailer Error Form Pro

Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function, I’m get this error message when try to send a message.

Check with your host to ensure they allow the PHP mail function.

Yes it does. But I don’t understand why I’m getting this error?

It is most likely that your server is not correctly configured for mail() then. You’ll want to have your host check to make sure the php.ini file is configured correctly and that they have a loca mail server running.

The error message you’re reporting points to something on your host’s end not being configured properly or something not being setup.

I agree and I’m really hosting my own websites. I really love foundry, potion and thunder pack. Is there any other way we can work around the mailer error problem?

It isn’t something on the stack’s end. This is a server related error. That is where you’ll need to address the problem unfortunately.

Ok I understand and thank you for your time. I’ll try and see if there is other stacks out there that I can work with.

You also may want to look at what email address you are sending the info/form to. Many hosts will only allow you to send form info to the email associated with your hosting service. Is that the email you are using?

A lot of forms are going to use PHP’s mail() function for sending emails. It is a standard way of doing it. It would be better IMHO to address your server setup.

Hi Adam, I figure out my form problem, and thanks for you support. I’m having a different problem now. In foundry the reveal plugin is not working. It works only when you refresh the pages. Can you guy help me please?

Glad you figured out your form problem on your end. Since you’ve posted this question in several other places I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.