Margins stack or responsive Containers?

Hi - I can see the Margins stack is very useful but I’d be interested in your thoughts on whether it’s sometimes better to use 3 separate responsive Containers instead. I want a fixed width 900px window with a black page background on Desktop, an 80% window on Tablet with the black background, and a full width window on Mobile with 20px padding and no black background. I can get the different margins with the breakpoint settings Margins stack, but not the different window widths. Would 3 Container stacks, each one hidden for the 2 non-target displays, be the best way to do this?

Personally I would never used fixed widths at all within a responsive website. A combination of a Container stack, set with your max-with at 900px, and then a Margins stack within that Container should be able to accomplish something like what you want.

Everything on a responsive site should be flexible, even at the Desktop breakpoint.

Thanks - this works well but I still have a black background below the window in Mobile. How about setting up 2 Foundry stacks within my Foundry partial - the 1st for Desktop/Tablet and 2nd Mobile only with no background? This would also allow smaller font sizes for Mobile

It is impossible to say really without seeing the project file. If you want to post a Dropbox, or similar link here with your project file ZIPed up I’d be happy to take a quick look. Any additional details on what you’re trying to do are appreciated as well.

Unfortunately the responsive show/hide switches in the Foundry stack don’t seem to work. If I have 2 Foundry stacks in my Foundry partial, one with Mobile hidden and the other with Tablet and Desktop hidden the stack which is placed first takes effect in all displays. Same thing happens if I take the 2 Foundry stacks out of the partial.

I take your point about fixed widths, but I think I’ll have to go back to the 3 Container approach (with a max width on the Desktop)

Unfortunately the responsive show/hide switches in the Foundry stack don’t seem to work.

Not sure what you mean? Are you referring to the Foundry Visibility stack or something else?

Like I said it is really hard to offer help without being able to see your project file. I’d be glad to help if you want to send that project file over with full details about what your goal is for your layout.