Mask stack issue

I am having an issue with the Mask stack in that on mobile devices for some pictures the bottom mask just shows as black rather than working as it should.

I have made and experimented with different sizes of pictures for mobile only and tried different height settings but it doesn’t seem to help. It works fine on desktop and tablet widths.

Has anyone got any ideas of how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Out of the office right now, but if you provide us a copy of your project file it would be easier to help you out.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file and use a service like WeTransfer to share a download link of that file with us here.

Didn’t hear back from you so I’m following up to get that project file download link so I can help you out.

I’ve tested Mask at the mobile breakpoint here and it is work as expected. This means I suspect there’s something specific to your use of the stack in your project.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly!

I tested it with having a coloured background like that and it works for me too on mobile with that setting.

It seems to be an issue with having a picture used instead.

I will send over my project file tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate your support.

Sounds good. I’ll look at it Monday then since I likely won’t be working tomorrow.

Was at the desk this morning so I gave it a try using an image – still working OK here:

Still suspect it is some setting in your project that you may be overlooking. Start a new project file as a test and try it out again there and see how it goes. Let us know your results.

Just to let anyone that views this post for help in the future - I had selected dark mode in the Mask setting and this is why it showed up the way it did on my phone. This was easily resolved and Adam was very helpful.


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