Match Height in Foundry

Wondering if anyone can share what the secret is in the Match Height stack, when you are using foundry. I just don’t understand what the flow is supposed to be. I seem to be missing something?

It seems that it is supposed to work with the Container stack, so in my project I put A Foundry Container with Match Height Inside and then, my project needs a three column stack so that into the match height, then my files-image/paragraph/image put into the three column. Though when I do that the different columns still are not all the same height?
I have watched the videos over on JW but still having no success, so wanted to reach out here. It’s something simple for sure!

JW’s Match Height sets the height or either Foundry Containers or Foundry Cards to be the same when they are on the same row. You can use Columns or Grid to have them on the same row.

From your explanation, you don’t need the Container outside the Match Height stack. Start with a Match Height (set to Foundry Containers), add a Columns stack and within each column put a Container stack. Then add your “files-image/paragraph/image” into the Container stacks.

It’s the Containers within the Match Height stack that it will equalize the heights.


@Mr.Tapstone The Foundry Columns stack has Equal height setting and vertical center setting when you check customize columns under General in the columns properties. Try that first.

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