Mega Menu Active Background Color in Dropdown

Mega Menu is a great stack with many styling options.
but one is missing: I can not choose the background color on hover within the dropdown menu which shows my sub-pages…
I guess it is linked to the font color as it appears grey in my case from desktop to mobile.

Is there any workaround to define a color for that which fits better to the entire menu bar styling / colors?

Hi there @papart – Can you create a ZIP file containing your project file and send me a download link for it so I can have a look?

i put the menu in a new project and just dropped you a message via the forum (hope that works)

in case I have not described it properly: there is no bug or something - there just isn´t any option to define that color in the stack settings…
just hover an entry in the submenu - you will see the background of that page turn grey. i would like to color it differently

Hi again @papart – Ah, I see what you’re trying to do. There is an option for that. It is found within the Drop Down child stack’s settings, here:

This allows you more control over each individual Drop Down within the Mega Menu stack.

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whoah - shame on me! thanks for putting me back on track!

No problem, at all. It is easy to overlook things sometimes. I’m as guilty as the next person. :slight_smile: