Mega Menu / Add space between menu items

Hi Adam,

can I somehow add more space between the mega menu items, if you hover over them? They are too close in these cases:

Better this way:

Thank you,

Hi @Fuellemann – It isn’t a feature of the stack. You could write a bit of CSS to add to your page to accomplish it, but it means you’ll lose some horizontal real-estate in the process.

I would not mind losing it in this case. Can you please tell me what css to use here?

Thank you,

Customizations to code aren’t something that I provide as a part of support. Unfortunately there is only one of me, so customizations are something I decided long ago not to offer, as if I do customizations for a user now, I am on the hook to make sure that customization works with all future updates. This means testing against those customizations and modifying them every time I make an update to the base code. That is a lot of work in and of itself for one customization. But if I do customizations for one person, I feel obliged to do them for everyone. And if you think keeping one customization in sync with all standard releases sounds like a lot of work, doing them for everyone is a lot more work.

So as I said, long ago I decided not to do them so that I could instead use that time for creating new products and running the business.

I’ll note the idea as a possible feature request for a future version of Foundry, but if it is something you need a customization for now you’ll need to write that code to accomplish it.

Hope that all makes sense. I wanted to explain my viewpoint instead of just saying, “sorry, that’s not something I do” so that it might be more clear.

It does make sense :slight_smile: Since you are on this feature request - my clients would love to see the branding on mobile, please. It works in the Navbar and I really need it in the same way in the MegaMenu.


The branding at the mobile breakpoint being hidden by design. This has been requested before, I believe by yourself even, and I’ve said I will look at it, but I don’t make any promises on this as it leads to a bad layouts in the mobile nav toggle bar, very small logo display and usually a subpar design.

Ok thanks. In my case, text is sufficient and no logo required. But I see what you mean.