Mega Menu bottom of banner

I try to use a banner (foundry) and Mega Menu. I already dropped the Mega Menu stack into the Banner stack, activated the function “pair with parent banner” and select Location: Bottom. But the menu is in the middle of the banner. When I select “Top” - then the menu is on top of the banner. What can I do, to get the Mega Menu to the bottom of the banner?

Thanks a lot


@qiwi Does this happen in preview mode?

In preview mode and when I preview in Safari - the same.

What other stacks do you have in the banner stack? Also, what version of Rapidweaver, Stacks and Foundry do you have installed? I would also zip the file up and send it to Adam.

Might want to check the Mega Menu page in the Potion-Pack-Samples file Adam provided to see it your settings are any different since that seems to do exactly what you’re trying to do without any issues.

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This is a new / blank project. I did the following steps: in a new blank page in a new project - I add the foundry stack, change the theme to foundry, add banner stack from foundry and insert mega menu stack into the banner. Then I change the „banner parent“ option and select bottom. Thats all. I am using the newest version of all programs and stacks.

Just place the mega menu stack beneath the banner, but still check the pair with banner bottom box

I will check this later (currently at work) and report if this was succesful. Thanks.

Hi there @qiwi – If you’ll post a link to a ZIP file containing your project file I will be glad to take a quick look at it and see what might be the problem.

@Fuellemann - that didn’t work - menu is than “beneath” the banner.
I want it in the banner like in mega menu tutorial video 1.

@elixirgraphics - here is the link:

Technically what @Fuellemann suggested will indeed work, but it should not be necessary:

I will take a closer look after lunch and see if I can’t hunt down the cause.

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Thanks in advance - that’s exactly what I want - but it didn’t work here. Ok I’ll wait.
btw. This is what it looks like here:

Yes, that is what it looks like inside the Banner (currently) when using fixed heights for the Banner. The picture I posted above uses the method that @Fuellemann recommended to you above. As seen in this project file:

Like I said though, this shouldn’t be the case. It should work from within the Banner stack. So I will take a look more in-depth after lunch, as it seems like a bug related to and interaction between the Mega Menu and the Banner stack when using the fixed height mode instead of the Flexible height mode for the Banner.


I think I have zeroed in on the bug. Should be a relatively easy fix, and I’ll get it into the next update.


Great - can’t wait to start with foundry. Have a nice day.