Mega Menu button hover colour

Hi all,

I love Foundry and Mega Menu but I am trying to change the hover colour for the Button feature but can not seem to find a way to do this. Either in the Mega Menu settings or Foundry base stack settings.
I am just getting a light grey colour on hover at the moment.

It is not for the dropdown but the Button feature…see screenshot.

This is the draft site.

Cheers Scott

Hey there @scottf – The button uses a mathematical value for the hover state of the button based on the color you choose. The hover color takes the button color and multiplies it by a set value. This is the same for other buttons within Foundry as well.

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Hi Adam,

Ok thanks…the button is white with red text which is why I am getting light grey I guess.

Would be nice to have an option to change the colour, as in this situation the light grey doesn’t really look right.

Maybe a feature update sometime in the future…

Thanks for the advise.

Cheers Scott

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