Mega Menu Button / Question

Hi, I love the button but on the mobile view on the mega menu I see a kind of unwanted space between the last item and the button:

What can I do to get rid of this space?



Hello @Fuellemann

I don’t think that’s a space what you see, it is the drop down menu background then you see the extra button, if you remove that grey background from the orange button you will see the image behind.

Can you post your project here so that we can check it out?

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Hi, yes, I send you a the file via WeTransfer. Look at the Page named KONTAKT.

The Mega menu background is being applied to both dropdown and button background causing this behaviour.
We could remove the background from the button only so that the images shows behind with some simple CSS rules, not the best way to do it but would get the job done.

I’ve sent you the file with the rules there for you to try.

Thank you. I will send the file to @elixirgraphics as well. Perhaps he has a solution where I can still use the background behind the button. @elixirgraphics: I send the file via wetransfer, please have a look at the page KONTAKT to test.

Thanks again,


Looks like it might have to do with the vertical spacing between the two columns at the mobile breakpoint. The two sections – the section containing the button and the section containing the rest of the navigation – end up stacked on top of one another at that breakpoint. This stacking seems to have about 6px of space between them. Should be an easy fix I think, but I want to look at it and see why it is the way it is.

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