Mega Menu - can Site Logo be a hyperlink to Home Page?

Is it possible to use the site logo that’s part of a navigation bar as a link back to the home page? I’d love to lose the “HOME” menu item and just have users click on the logo instead. That’s the modern and more efficient way.

I know Navigation Bar Pro 2 can do it, as this feature is being used throughout the Foundry website.

I’d be happy to use Navigation Bar Pro, but I am also using one item of the navigation bar items as a scroll-to-anchor navigation item for the same page. Navigation Bar Pro 2 doesn’t have a scroll-to-anchor option.

I wish Navigation Bar Pro and Mega Menu could be merged into one stack. It would solve all my requests…

Or is there any other solution to my problem?

Thank you in advance!


Have a look at the logo settings in the Branding section of the Mega Menu Controls: Mega Menu Documentation


Thank you, Adam.

I got confused with the many “Set Link” buttons in the logo section…
I am using the first one as a link to the resources folder. So I took the second one for another logo link…

It’s all clear now!

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