Mega Menu Drop Down Not Working Properly

Hi there,
I’m new in the community. I’ve been using RW, Foundry and Potion Pack for the past 4 months now, and love it all.
I currently have a problem on a site which is integrated with ECWID shopping cart. This is in mobile only. We are using the Mega Menu dropdown to point to categories in ECWID, via URL’s. The problem is that it selects the first category you click on and displays it correctly. However, if you select the hamburger again and then a different category, it once again displays the first selected category. This happens on the mobile preview mode within RW as well as on an actual mobile device.

We are on the latest RW and Foundry, but Potion Pack 1.3.5. Could that be the problem?

I have already chatted to ECWID support and they don’t seem to think it’s their application.

Have you got a link for us, please?


Select Sure-Fit Designs Shop on a mobile device. And then one of the drop down items.

Anyone able to assist with this?

This happens on all platforms for me, but desktop and mobile, which is what I would expect since the mobile navigation is actually just a re-styled version of the desktop navigation. There’s no change in the links by Foundry between mobile and desktop navigation. Foundry doesn’t have any control over ECWID at all.

Any chance you have CloudFlare or some other type of caching service active? Perhaps ECWID caches things (I’ve never used ECWID before myself)? That said, I don’t think this is related to the navigation stack or even Foundry, as the URLs in the underlying code seem to point to where you want them to go.

Hi Adam,
No, don’t have CloudFlare installed. I just wanted to make sure that it’s not because we’re still running on the previous version of Potion Pack. Am I correct in assuming that this is not the case?

The version of Potion Pack does not matter. That said, Potion Pack was last updated on September 9, 2019 (Potion Pack Release Notes | Foundry). I suspect you’re up to date. If not you can update at any time via the Stacks updater. That said, it should have zero effect. The URLs will still be exactly the same in that version as whatever you’re running. The stack does nothing to your URLs that you’ve input.

Thanks for your help. It’s the strangest thing. As a matter of interest, which online shop have you used for online shops?

I prefer Cartloom myself. It is what I use for my sites. It also have RapidWeaver integrations and the support has been quite good.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at it. We’ve been having quite a number of issues lately with the current cart. Enjoy your day.

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Not a problem. Sorry to hear about your problems with your cart. Hope you find something that works well for you. As I said I’ve found Cartloom to be quite good.

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