Mega Menu Highlight page nav item on scroll?

I have a Foundry one page site.
It scrolls down into 5 pages.
Sticky nav at top using Mega Menu and anchors.

The Current page menu item is colored pale blue. (all other nav white)

The menu item becomes pale blue when clicked on.
Id like it to go pale blue when just scrolled down to as well. So that one knows whcih page one is on without actually clicking the menu.

Is this possible?

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean when you say it scroll down into 5 pages. Do you mean different sections of the page? Just confused as you said this was a one-page site you were building.

I suspect you’re talking about using anchors to make use of Mega Menu’s anchor-based navigation for one-page sites. If that is the case, having the navigation highlight as you scroll down the page isn’t a feature of the stack. It was included during the early testing phase when the stack was built, but that feature often conflicted with other stacks and wasn’t as accurate as I’d want it to be because of it. Instead I opted for the design that the stack currently has.