Mega Menu mobile title and logo request

I really like the Mega Menu in Potion Pack but there are times when I can’t use it for one reason.

In the Mega Menu, the Site Title and Logo are automatically hidden at less than 768px or mobile. The stack is missing an option to hide choose to hide the logo or title which does exist in the Nav Bar.

Could this option be added in a future update please?

As Google is now using a mobile first algorithm, the current system used in various parts of Foundry where content is hidden without an option to not hide it, could impact Google ranking.


I will note it as a request. Not sure if it will make it into one of the smaller updates or if it’ll have to hold on for one of the bigger ones.


I am looking forward to this as well. This is the only one reason I can not use the MegaMenu as I like to…

Thanks for looking into, Adam :slight_smile:


It’ll be a while. There’s a lot on my plate at the moment.


Yes, in fact, as Gary requested, this would be an excellent and much needed feature. Looking forward too :smile: