Mega Menu query / request

Hi - LOVING Potion Pack and the various elements. This question is specific to Mega Menu… please view my use of it, ideally on MOBILE and DESKTOP/TABLET to get a feel for what I’m asking…

On my appointments page, I have a custom, non ‘partial’ iteration of the first (top of banner/sticky megamenu), and I also have a second megamenu just to show the various locations they can book an appointment at, attached to the bottom of the banner.

ON MOBILE, it kind-of doesn’t work… and I feel PURELY because I can’t seem to choose the symbol that replaces all the text in the navigation bar mobile mode (the three horizontal lines).

Can I change the symbol to, for example, other icons or even text so the top nav bar can say MENU and the bottom nav bar can say LOCATIONS (or something like that?)

I feel it would be SO much better.

Thanks for feedback and suggestions for a workaround if not.