Mega Menu Site Title not as h1


I use mega menu for most of my sites. If I select the branding, the site title is given the H1 attribute. This conflicts with my SEO as I have a dedicated H1 tag for SEO relevant content later on the page.

The site title is mainly used for the visitors to read e. g. a name for the site or other, not so relevant information. Eg. at

Can I change the tag for the site title, please?

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Your site title should be the H1 on your page. What header is more important on your page than the name of the site?

That said – choosing a tag is already on the road map, but it won’t be a feature until after Foundry’s big update is done.

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The site title in the mega menu has not much space. It is important, but I prefer to use the most important keywords for the h1 tag.

In my example, the site title is the name of the owner of a business. The most important SEO words for this business are “Kfz-Sachverständiger und Unfallgutachter”. So I have given this the H1 tag. But it would never fit into the mega menu…

Glad to hear it is on the road map and I am happy to wait for it :slight_smile: