Mega Menu - turning on sticky nav kills scroll on mobile

Love mega menu…but when I turn on sticky nav and access the page on mobile…the scroll feature does not work. Is this a bug or a desired effect? Turning off sticky nav turns scroll back on…but I would REALLY like to have sticky nav if possible

Love Foundry! Thanks for your work on this!

Hi there @gregincolumbus

Can you be more specific for me about what is not scrolling when you use sticky navigation? Are you saying the main content will not scroll any longer, or that the navigation does not scroll? If you can post a URL showing the problem to look at I’d be glad to do so.

Hi Adam…wow that was a fast response!

Here is the exact same menu…one with sticky turned on…one without

No sticky nav

With sticky nav on

Select the activities menu to see an example of the issue. Thanks!

The navigation is working the way it is supposed to. When the navigation is ‘stuck’ to the top of the browser window the navigation itself will not scroll. So once the navigation is opened anything that goes further than the bottom of the display, whether on a mobile device or a standard desktop browser, will not be accessible because the navigation is being stuck in place. The browser itself will still scroll, and any content on the page will scroll, just not the navigation as you’re specifically telling it to not scroll by using the Sticky Navigation functionality.

The solution will be to prune down the number of items in your navigation, or selectively make some that don’t appear at the mobile breakpoint. You could also opt to not use a sticky navigation and go for a more traditional one, which does scroll as it is not stuck in place.

Thanks so much for the clarification!

Not a problem at all.