Mega Menu z-index

Is there a way to adjust the z-index of the mega menu? It’s getting stuck behind some content. Sorry, no published URL yet, but I’ve attached a couple of screenshots

After scrolling down:

Hold on, I got a bit ambitious. Those screenshots are from the RW preview. When I preview in the browser, it acts as normal.

So, just an FYI to Adam, I guess in case it’s something that should be looked at.

Here’s how I can repeat it:

  • Add mega menu to page, set to ‘sticky’
  • Add Reveal to a page
  • Add Header inside reveal
    (then add space below so that it can scroll).
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It is a known bug that was introduced in the last update. It will be addressed in an upcoming update.


I released an update today that should address this problem. If you continue to have problems after the v1.3.3.2 update please send me a simple project file that shows the problem and I’ll take a look at it.


Hey @jabostick – Just checking in to make sure this was cleared up for you with the v1.3.3.2 update.

Got tied up with the kids last night so haven’t had a chance to check. I’ll check this evening when I’m back at my RW comp though. Thanks

Sounds good. Trying to tidy things up and fix some bugs before diving back into development on some new stuff for a while, soI just wanted to check in.

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Sorry, been a crazy week. Just updated and tested and it’s all good now. Thanks

Awesome, that is good to hear.