Mega Modal can't scroll on mobile

Hi all,

I’m having a slight issue with Mega Modal on mobile devices.

The stack placed within Mega Modal (Formloom 4 Stack) is longer than the screen on an iPhone but it is not possible to scroll down the stack within Mega Modal, when you scroll down it is actually scrolling the main page behind the Mega Modal.

Here is link to draft site, Mega Modal button is the dark red “Contact Us” button just above the map.

Any thoughts please on how to fix…?

Otherwise, it is quite limiting if the only text/stack you can place within the modal must made to be viewed on the smallest mobile phone screen. Otherwise anybody with a larger screen can’t scroll down to view anything below.

Many thanks for ideas.

Cheers Scott

Odd. When I load your page here on my iPhone it seems to scroll just fine: • Droplr

Hi Adam,

Thanks for quick response…brilliant service as usual!

Ok…I can see my issue. I was placing my finger on centre of iPhone screen and scrolling but if I place my finger on right hand side edge of screen…then yes it scrolls.

Didn’t realise this was the case…not sure why though as don’t most webpages scroll no matter where you place your finger on phone screen.

Hope all well with you and your family over there, my sister-in-law lives in Meridian too.

Cheers Scott from Australia

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It scrolls for me here no matter where my finger is placed on the screen to scroll the page.

I tried it as well, and it scrolls as it should for me on my iPhone.

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Hi Adam and Steve,

Thanks for checking…interesting. I can only scroll when touching the right hand side edge of the screen.

I have an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 12.4.6 so could be an old OS issue or maybe just my phone is knackered!

Time for a new one soon…waiting for this years model I think.

But it’s good to know the scrolling works correctly for others.

Have a good day.

Cheers Scott

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