Mega Modal Close Button partly covered by menu bar

On this page, if I select the Biscuits • Crispreads • Crackers • Snacks tab in Vertical Tabs and then select Thin Lizzies the close button for the mega menu is partly obscured by the menu bar.
Is there anything I can do about this?

That would most likely be the Z-index of whatever the modal type stack you are using is. Try increasing it to something higher than whatever the z-index is on the Mega Menu stack, or the stack you are using to stick it to the top.

You are also getting some overflow issues on some pages, so try turning off Overflow in the container stack.

Final comment, so e pages are slow to load, even timing out. I can’t check why right now as it’s timed-out and won’t load, so check the obvious, like images etc.

Thanks TemplateRepo looks like you’ve picked up on some pretty based problems I need to get sorted on this page. Appreciate the feedback