Mega Modal - collapse? - tooltips?

I can’t find a “collapse modal” option in the Mega Modal inspector. Should there be one as there is with regular modals?
The Mega Modal documentation page mentions tool tips but I can’t see those in the inspector either.

Hi @Phloque – I’m not sure I follow about the Collapse Modal setting you’re referring to. Can you be more clear?

As for Tool Tips – Mega Modal does not have a Tool Tip feature. It looks like a Tool Tip note was accidentally left in the documentation from a copy and paste, but Mega Modal does not have a Tool Tip feature.

Thanks Adam
Regular modals have a “Collapse Modal” option in Advanced section of the inspector. Activaitng this saves a lot of page space in edit mode.
I don’t see this function in Mega Modal - which to my mind needs it even more than regular modals because of the amount of content Mega Modal caters for.

I didn’t realize you were putting in a feature request. That’s what you’re doing, correct?

Thanks Adam
My question was whether there was a Collapse Modal function in Mega Modal.
I asked because I couldn’t find one.
If there isn’t one, then yes, please make this a feature request.

There isn’t one. If it isn’t shown in the settings for the stack then the feature doesn’t exist. :wink:

I’ll add it to the tracker tomorrow when I get back to work.