Mega Modal - possible to force full screen?

Hi Guys,

I’m already using Mega Modal to pop up the Privacy Policy on my site. This takes up the whole screen, as it’s a lot of text. So far, so good.

I now want to use it to pop up a PDF Embed document (my CV), but I want the Modal to fill the entire screen, irrespective of the size of the PDF. Currently, it looks OK on iPhone and Mac, but on iPad the Modal is only filling the top half of the screen.

Changing the height settings on PDF Embed doesn’t fix this.

Is this possible within Mega Modal, or is there another stack I could use?

Is it 100% necessary to use a PDF? Wouldn’t it be better to use something more straightforward?

I think I do need it to be a PDF, ideally.

What would be more straightforward?

Normal header, paragraphs, images, etc in Stacks. I mean without knowing what your PDF consists of it is hard to advise… but content more suited to a web page would be more straightforward. There’s a reason we don’t build pages from PDFs after all, but instead with HTML, CSS, etc.

I did consider that, but I want people to be able to view/download/print it, and It’ll be easier to keep up to date, in line with the version on Job Boards if I can just FTP the PDF. I think keeping it properly paginated & formatted will be easier too.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I use the MegaModal stack at full screen with PDF Embed to display a tutorial. I do not have any problems with viewing the Modal full screen on iPad, Mac, or iPhone.

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