Mega modal questions

Hi, can the mega modal be triggered by a text link? For example Click here to see the latest…
Or can hover image or any type of hover effect be used to trigger the mega modal?


Hello @stackJunkie

I don’t think that is possible, you can choose to use a button or an image to trigger the Modal.
There are ways you could achieve that, but that would require some knowledge of HTML to check and use the ID that triggers the Modal in a text anchor/link.

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If you look in the Button’s Style settings for the Button Trigger you’ll find a “Link” option. Now, this isn’t a link that can be inserted into a paragraph or the like, but still acts a little bit like a button, but looks like a link. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I mean.


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Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll try it out.

If possible, will you consider adding an option to your hover image stack to trigger a mega modal or add a hover option to the image setting in the mega modal stack.

Thanks for the suggestion, let me see if I can do it

This isn’t something that is on the todo list at this time. Mostly because it is a bit niche honestly. Also, I don’t prefer to have one stack trigger or interact with another stack unless it is absolutely necessary. I know that others don’t mind this, but I feel like many times it causes confusion and problems for users.