Mega Modal trigger

Hello There!

Is there a way to trigger the Mega Modal on page load? Thanks!

Hi there @jdimer and welcome to the forum!

No, sorry, the Mega Modal is not setup to be triggered on page load. This is not a feature I would choose to add, as I find hijacking the users browser window like that when they’re trying to view the page to be counterintuitive, IMHO. I know a lot of people like that sort of feature though.

Thanks, Adam! I agree that a modal can be intrusive. However, as web designers, we get very specific requests from clients. And, sometimes, they are not susceptible to change their point of view. Any recommendation on a 3rd part stack compatible with Foundry to perform that task?

I’d say hop on over to the RapidWeaver Community site and take a look there:

Sure thing. Thanks, Adam.

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