MegaMenu Logo Sizing

Is there anyway of controlling the size of a logo that is added to a MegaMenu bar, currently it just seems to blatantly fill the entire height of the bar, this is less then optimal? Some control on the size would be extremely helpful.

I just add some space around the logo using a graphic programm and save it as .png before adding it to the MegaMenu…


Yes, I thought of doing the same thing but that is a pain as it means I have to have a special version of the logo just for the MegaMenu.

I really wish it would allow the use of an SVG as then it would be easy to have a sizing option and it would look super clean when rendered.

That Stacks image well control does not support SVG images unfortunately.

Yes, and that is one of the major drawbacks of the image well and why I dislike using it. I still don’t understand why it doesn’t support them.

How come other developers seem to be able to get around this problem by providing more robust and versatile options for adding and managing images?