Menu does not scroll on mobile

Using Mega menu using the mobile (Samsung Galaxy 8+)

One of my menu items, the drop down menu item ‘Auction Calendar’ does not scroll past the month of September, any clues?

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi there @theswedish – This is because you have Sticky Navigation enabled. The whole navigation is fixed in place because of this. If you have a shorter navigation the Sticky Navigation is fine to use, but you’ve got a very extensive list of navigation items there, making it extend past the end of the small mobile display. You could reorganize things to have shorter navigation drop downs, or just disable sticky navigation mode.

Thank you, that really helped. I had presumed I had not clicked something.It is a bit difficult to shorten the 12 months of the year without going through an extra navigation step. The site will eventually have 200 pages. Hope it does not fall over. Mostly text.

Personally I would create a page that houses links to all of those month pages. Then you have just one link in the navigation vs twelve, but that is just a personal preference.

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I hear what you’re saying. I have always been taught that the fewer clicks a user needs to get to the destination the greater the chance of the user having the patience to reach that destination. it seems to be the case on the websites I have built

Whatever works for you.

@theswedish In general that’s probably pretty good advice (design for fewest clicks). But you may have a very different situation. I’d suggest whatever is “easiest” for a user will also be faster. In many cases that’s just what you wrote (fewer clicks), but when there are a very large number of pages it can be fairly difficult for folks to go through and decide on what to click. 12 months may not be bad, but I’m listening to your future 200 pages! That will be different.

Fortunately Foundry offers a lot of different navigation options. Some, like Vertical Nav, might help you right away. @elixirgraphics uses this approach for finding various documentation pages and it works very nicely.

On your could put together a big cheerful grid of links on a page (similar to what @elixirgraphics suggested).

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I will look into Vertical navigation as an option, as well as the grids. The 200 pages will be navigated by a list sorted either alphabetically or by county. The list is on one page and is probably the easiest way for the user to click their auction house of choice. For the alphabet page Anchors would work on that page with a run of the alphabet at the top. The audience spends their life, or so it seems, browsing lists, mostly in the form of auction catalogs or stamp catalogs so this is the system they are most used to. The audience is also mostly retirees so throwing anything to radical at them would probably fall flat as an idea. For younger audiences I can get creative, which sadly does not suit this audience.