Menu Navigation and Site Styles

Does a menu navigation stack need to be added to every page, or is there a simple way to create the menu nav once and then have it propagate to all pages? Ditto for basic site styles?

When I was playing around with Foundation there are three things I did not like about it:

  1. menu nav for each page
  2. setting basic styles for each page
  3. result of 1 + 2 (it seemed to me) was much slower loading/using of RW (I mean within RW, not the exported site)

One of the things I like about a regular theme is setting up menu nav and site styles once. Of course this comes at a cost in flexibility, but overall it is worth it to me. But Foundry looks very clean and nice (and I’m sure it is): so this bit of detail regarding how the “basics” are done would be useful.

Just make a Partial from the nav stack. Style the menu as you want turn it into a partial then drag it onto each page. Or if you have a banner on each page place the nav in the banner and turn the whole banner into a partial and place on each page.

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I have a problem with the navbar

As @Steve_J mentioned you can setup your Control Center stack once, configuring it as you like, then make it a partial in Stacks and you can place that partial on all pages. Then if you update it, it will update throughout your site. This is what I’ve done on my Foundry site project file that is nearly 100 pages or so. You could do the same with your navigation as well.

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@debrackeleer: ZIP up your project file and post your it here and I will have a look.

OK Adam I will do it later this evening, not at home now

I can not upload an ZIP file, only images jpg, png …

Here my file Adam …

Hmmmm. Odd, seems to be working here when I open your project file up:

Does it do this if you create a new project file?

What version of Stacks are you using?

This one Adam

Foundry requires Stacks v3.1 or above. Update to v3.1, restart RW and give it a go.

OK Adam I will do it

Nice, it works

Awesome! Glad to get it sorted for you!

@Steve_J Thanks! That sounds reasonable enough!