Migrating a Site to Foundry

I have a site (yankee-lake.org) that I created with Foundation 1, but am flummoxed by Foundation 6. I have decided to migrate the site to Foundry. I have Foundry 2, and the current versions of Potion and Thunder Packs. I haven’t figured out how to replicate the menu look and feel that I have in the current site. Could those of you experienced in Foundry take a look and point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

As the two frameworks are quite different from one another you’re not going to get a direct 1-for-1 replication. If you’re just trying to do that you will probably frustrate yourself. Instead of trying to directly replicate your existing style it might be best to work with the new stacks and see how they function and what they provide and go from there in building your new pages. Use it as an opportunity to improve upon what you have. :smiley:


As above, now is the time to update the design I’d suggest. The general layout of the existing site would be easy to replicate, and the menu could be almost replicated, only improved I’d say, to make it work more inline with modern design standards. I’d suggest first playing with Megamenu.

You could also start off with a prebuilt template. I have some at Template Repo. There are some on the Foundry site. scroll to the bottom of the page. And Egomade has some lovely templates too.


Your site shouldn’t be too hard to replicate/adapt in Foundry. It is also a great way to get to know all the possibilities Potion and Thunder have to offer.

Since you are talking about a lake, the Mask stack could be a nice touch to integrate. As a footer maybe.