Minor Mini Navigation issue

If I create a partial with a mini navigation stack the partial editor displays the missing Foundry Centre stack message. However the partial works fine in practice.

So a very minor issue and not a big deal but I thought I’d forward it on. I created a simple project to confirm the issue.

Foundry, RW Version 7.4.1 (18708), Stack 3.5.4, OSX 10.12.6,

This sounds like the same issue that happens with other frameworks. I believe this is a Stacks issue and is related to a stack inside a Partial that needs to reference another stack to get some settings. Often, if you re preview it will be ok. Worst case solution is to restart RW or Mac and live with it happening occasionally. It isn’t a Foundry or Potion issue.

Agreed… Although it’s the only stack that has ever done it and restarting RW or the computer has no affect. But it’s no real issue and it works perfectly every time when the partial is actually placed.

I’ve just never come across this before.


Yes I forgot about that. The warning is just an incorrect warning and can be ignored if it appears.