Missing 2 stacks after Alloy update

My blog page had been working fine, but now the actual “blog” part of the blog page is not showing up in any browser.

I am using RapidWeaver 8.9.3, Stacks 4.2.2, Foundry v2.4.4.0, and Alloy V3.2.0

When I look in the folder for Alloy I am missing the Droplet stack and the Search stack.

I am reviewing all of the online tutorials, but so far I have not been able to fix the blog page, nor find the 2 missing stacks.

Help please

thanks, Brenda

Can you send us a link to your blog page? Also, have you seen if your hosting company may have changed your php version to version 8? Current supported version of php is 7.4

Have you restarted Rapidweaver since the update to Alloy? Click the main Stack library and search for Alloy to see if all 12 stacks show up.

Also, did you happen to publish your blog page to your server recently?

Hi @brenda

Sorry you’re having a problem. Did the troubleshooting that @Steve_J provided below help you get things sorted? If not, please let us know. When you do, please do the following:

(1) Search for Alloy in the Stacks library.
(2) Take a screenshot of the entire RapidWeaver window.
(3) Post that screenshot with your reply.