Missing themes and stacks from AddOn panel

I am sending this message to YourHead and Elixir forums because the following issue, experienced on four different occasions, involve addons from both companies. I don’t know whether they are related, nor am I sure how it should be resolved.

Files affected:

YourHead Stacks 4.2.2 disappears from the Addons Preferences Panel, thus producing the pink diagonal lines across those parts of the composing page. The pages are littered with “Stack Missing” and “This stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall it to use it”. So I have had to re-install via the dmg file following the instructions.

Elixir Foundry 2 also disappears from the Addons Preferences Panel,

as do the following:

Thunder Pack 1.0.2

Bricks 2. 2.0.0

Capsule Stack. 1.1.0

Potion Pack. 2.1.0

Re-installing the files from dmgs

When it first occurred in 2019 some of the version numbers were different.

Fortunately I was able to re-download the dmg files and was able to re-install each item. Each time I notice empty folders appearing on my desktop labelled: Stacks Disabled, Plugins Disabled, Themes, and Themes Disabled. I don’t understand where they have come from.

Making the files “stick”

The bigger issue I don’t understand is why these files disappear; in other

words they no longer appear in any of the three sections of the Addons Preference panel. And when I manage to re-install them they have failed to “stick”, as mentioned above, on four separate occasions. This morning I’ve used each of the DMGs to re-install but they are still nowhere to be seen in the Addons Preference Panel. When re-installed they must go somewhere, but using Find all I can find are the dmg files. Where am I going wrong?

AND: Today, when an attempt was made to re-install, again, I saw this panel: “The Stacks (or other) plugin is too old to read this file. This file was overwritten with a newer version of Stacks” (in this case) .

So where do these files reside?

Unfortunately my products don’t have any control over installation or file management within RW or Stacks. That is handled by the RW app itself. So while it might be my products that you’re seeing as missing, they do not have control over their location, installation, etc. — that is all handled by the app. You’ll want to reach out to Realmac Software on this one I suspect.

Many thanks for your response; I will do as suggested and contact Realmac (RapidWeaver).

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