Mobile Friendly

I’m noticing an issue with Foundry and I am hoping to find some answers. My sites look amazing on desktop but there are so many issues on mobile that I can not seem to figure out. I used Foundation for many years and everything worked great on mobile.I didn’t like the new upgrade so I switched to Foundry for all the templates etc. but am finding my sites not look right on mobile. I am assuming I’m missing something simple … particularly with the banner stack. Please advise. Thanks

Hi, have you got a URL so we can have a look?

I hadn’t published the site yet as I just started building it and am waiting for content from the client. So it is obviously under construction.

The first problem I see is that you’ve put the bar with the social media badges and contact information out side of the Sections stack. When using Sections all content must be within the sections stack. That is why you’re getting an offset with your various sections and you scroll through the page.

I cant place it inside the section cause it doesn’t align correctly. But the first page is not the problem. It all the other pages. How do you get the banner to fit the content? And the images to be responsive?

That element being outside of Sections is what is causing the problem on the subsequent pages. If you’re using Sections all content must be within the Sections stack. That is how the stack works. Putting content outside of Sections will cause problems for your page.