Mobile image - max width


Just wondering how to set image max-widths for the different breakpoints?

A two column breakpoint that breaks on mobile causes the image to be full width (based on my max-width setting for desktop) for example and doesn’t look good.

Thanks in advance

I think I vaguely get what you’re describing… if so… you could wrap the image in a Margins stack and set margins or padding for the mobile breakpoint to assist you in getting the desired outcome.

Thanks! That worked

Perhaps a feature request to allow for max-width settings at the breakpoints. Would help reduce a stack from being used.

The modular nature of Foundry, being able to pair specialized stacks together to create different outcomes is a strength of Foundry, IMO. It allows you to create a variety of different layouts without needing to bake the same settings into a every single stack, as well as makes the Edit Mode run smoother.