Mobile navigation icon not showing

Hi all. My website used to show the mobile navigation icon but doesn’t anymore on the iPhone. The simulator in RW and when shrinking the width of the RW window in preview mode does show the icon. I’m really at a loss. I’m using the Geometric Theme. Any advice? I’ve tried changing the icon on the master style page settings to the various options (arrow, plus sign, 3 lines, etc.) Any tips appreciated. It’s sort of time sensitive. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for this forum.

You’re likely using an older version of the theme. Use your original download link to get the latest version. Install it and then restart RapidWeaver. Once restarted do a Republish All Files from within RapidWeaver.

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Worked great. Thank you!

Within the same theme, where can I place a stack so it will appear above the site logo but below the mobile navigation?

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