Modal will not trigger

can someone please help me. i’m a newbie (typesetter background) to rapidweaver. can’t seem to get my modal to trigger. i know i’m missing something simple. it hilites and select hand appears but nothing happens. trigger is still set at button. do i need something else? really appreciate any help. i’m 73 but not too old to learn.

We’ll need to, at a minimum have a link to the page with the problem so we can see what you may have done incorrectly. If you don’t have a live site showing the problem then perhaps you can provide us with a download link to a ZIP file containing your project file via a service like WeTransfer.

Also, please let us know what modal stack in particular you’re using. shows a sample with some screenshots. says i am using elixir graphics modal ver.

hope this is what you need to help. really appreciate it.

First thing I notice right away is that you’re not using the Foundry theme.

i’m sorry but i don’t understand. what do i need to do. newbie - just purchased all the latest software.

There are some easy to follow getting started videos on the Foundry site in the documentation. Follow those and you should be good to go:

Additionally each documentation page has details about the settings for the stacks and how they’re used, and most have videos as well:


another dumb question. i thought foundry came installed when i purchased rapidweaver. wasn’t everything there already?

No, Foundry is not a part of RapidWeaver whatsoever. It is a 3rd-party product I produce and sell through my own site.

i think i’ve got it all figured out now. don’t know how far i would have gotten without your help. the modal works when i use you’re theme. i’ve already built so much using foundation 6 theme. i may have to just stick with that. will none of the addons that i purchased from elixir not work with that theme? thanks so much for your help.

Foundry and Foundation are not the same product. They are both separate frameworks. They are not advertised as working with one another nor will they.