Motion Stack comes up last on page

I’m having an issue with every page I create. Using Motion for a photo at the top of the page and at the bottom I bring up an array of thumbnail photos. All the thumbnails display before the Motion photo. Need to find a way to force the motion photo to display first with the thumbnails to follow second. Here is an example of one page:


The biggest problem is your image sizes. I grabbed on image as a random example and opened it in photoshop. It is 300 DPI and extremely large in size as well:

This one image is 6.4mb, which is FAR too large, and this is just one of the many images on that page:

I’d encourage you to go back and not only set the DPI for each image to 72dpi, but also size the images more appropriately. Once you do that, also run them through something like to compress them further.

I suspect your Motion images are also quite large. I didn’t inspect them myself, but you should when you do the other images.

Yes I understand the large versions are big, but the stack used to display the thumbs are only accessing the thumbs.jpg of each of them which are very small 100-400kb. My issue is with the single photo at the top used by Motion. But you’ll have to hold on a few Imessed that page up again and have to re-publish it

That is not small for a thumbnail. That is pretty big believe it or not. Trust me. Start with a smaller main image and your thumbnails will be even smaller. I have a pretty peppy internet connection, and those thumbnails loaded pretty slow the first time I hit the page.

That said, the javascript for the slider in Motion has to wait for your other content. That’s just how it works. The more optimized you get the page, the faster that slider is going to load.

Additionally, your Motion image is also quite big, and not 72dpi either. I also pretty sure it hasn’t been compressed either:

Bummer, was really hoping to get it to display first. Guess I need to look for something different unless there is some sort of css that could be added to force it to do it first.

CSS does not affect that, sorry.

Ok, I do appreciate you getting back so quickly. I’ll have to look for something else then.