Multi language support stack

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to use Foundry & Rapidweaver (started 2 days ago) and was wondering if there is a stack for multi language support (like that works well within Foundry?

Anybody familiar with this subject?

Thanks for feedback

NGU (=never give up)

Hi Michael RWML must work fine with Foundry. RWML is a superb multilingual stack and great support of Joost (Tsooj Media). I have used the RWML stack on and now I’m using it on Foundry but still working on it so not published yet to check it out but on preview it looks alright. If any issues for sure Joost the developer of RWML will be more than happy to help you out, 10/10 support.


Hi @ngu
You can use the Agent stack from Joe Workman to do this as well. Here is an example of it working with one of Adam’s demo sites. Only works on the first page.

Edit - Please note, I know NO Spanish, all text was converted using Google Translate, so if it got butchered, it is Google’s fault! :wink:

Edit 2 - Here is a MUCH better site using Agent, not with Foundry, but wanted to show you what someone who spent time with it could do -

Dear all,
Thanks for your quick feedback.
So I think to try the RWML first.

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And, of course,

So I installed RWML and did already all the translation stuff (RWML Content). The default language still displays correctly.
Now I am struggling how to add the ‘switch’ in my navigation bar (that’s how it is called with Foundry) to choose between DE and EN. I don’t want a separate flag or switch outside of the menu/navigation bar. I would also like to change the key words in the menu/navigation bar when switching from one to the other language.

My current setup is:
Rapidweaver 7.3
Stacks 3
Foundry (latest version)
RWML (latest version)

The documentation for RWML is unfortunately not very helpful (video, without tone, is with an older Rapidweaver version) and the PDF’s don’t help either.

Any suggestions where to find a good explanation? Maybe printscreens from the edit menu? Just to mention, I am a pure beginner and don’t know HTLM, PHP, CCS, etc. (that’s why I choosed RW :wink:)

Thanks for support

Hi Michael,
Joost the developer of RWML deliver great support, drop him a mail and he will be glad to sort you out ( If something to do with Foundry Adam will sort you out for sure.
I’m curious to see your site when finished :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m curious, too.
So far what I did the last 2 days (but still without the language change):

So I’ll drop an email to Joost and then we see:wink:

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I am using Foundry now so I am intrigued by your topic.
I made the page with theme + RWML stack earlier, where I have ‘switch’ in mobile/hamburger menu and also an extra content area at bottom of the page. Even I have not yet used it with Foundry I believe it would same way than with basic RW.

Let me know if this is something you are looking for

Hi, did you use rwml for your multilanguage switch?

I’m really struggling to get RWML to work with Foundry (multi-lingual Menu Bar disappears for example when I select the Foundry theme!). Any advice would be really appreciated as I’d like to avoid using a standard RW theme


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