Multi level list in "Paragraph" stack

Hello Foundries,
is it possible to manage multi level lists in “Paragraph” please ? I need two levels at least. And for the moment I can only find one level.
Thanks for your precious help :star_struck:

The Paragraph stack is not the best tool for this. Give the Markdown stack that comes with the Stacks plugin a try.

An example of a Markdown nested list is like so:

# Unordered list

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3
    * Item 3a
    * Item 3b
    * Item 3c
        * Item 3c-a
        * Item 3c-b
        * Item 3c-c

Note the spacing before the nested items is 4 spaces before those items it increase their indent level by one level.

If you need more information on Markdown give it a google.

Thank you Adam for your unlimited exceptional fast and precise help… I forgot I was in love with Markdown… :star_struck:

Markdown is great. You should look up Markdown based Tables sometime. :smiley: