Multiple columns in F3 "Paragraph" with Markdown

Hello Folks,
Can you tell me how to make multiple columns in F3 “Paragraph” that works with Markdown please ? Two columns with “Columns/Gris” ? Nothing smarter ?
Thank you and have a good May the 1st :star_struck:

The Paragraph tool can’t do columns on its own. You’ll need to put Paragraph tools inside a Columns / Grid tool. There’s a video or two about Columns / Grid that I’m sure would be helpful.

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Or… if it is to columnise text then there is of course the Blacksmith style sheet option with columns. That will let you break your paragraph tool in to flowing columns at the number you select.


Interesting, I’ve never even considered that approach. I’ll have to check that out myself.


Thank you forbesrodney for your answer… :star_struck:

This is the answer I was expecting… Congrats Tophat :star_struck: :star_struck:

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