Multiple Editor stacks on one page

I’ve seen some versions of this question asked on the forum, but not the exact one I don’t think. I’m wondering if I can have two Alloy Editor stacks on one page (rather than having two seperate editor pages) or will that cause problems?

More detail below if required/interested:
I am doing a site for an event. They’d like a ‘News’ page to use for various updates. They also want a page for items that will be bid on in their silent/live auction that people can view ahead of time. Because these will come in sporadically (and continue to come in after the site goes live), I wanted to use Alloy for posting those as well.

My first attempt at this, I tried organizing things by category. So, on one page I linked to a single category (by using the url: and that worked great except when you click into a blog post, the ‘Go Back’ button takes you to the full blog list, instead of just the category list.

So, I moved to having two seperate blogs. My thinking is I’d have Editor stacks in seperate tabs and let the client edit two blog lists without going to a new page. I know a site can have two blogs but I’m just trying to make the content management process a bit tidier.

No you cannot have more than one Editor per page. You can have multiple Editors for a site, but they cannot reside on the same page.

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I just discovered Category Only mode in the advanced settings of the Blog Entries stack! I think this will get me back to my original plan and it solves the “Go Back” button problem.

Still useful to know the answer about multiple editors but FYI for anyone who comes across this.

EDIT: I may still need two editor pages, actually. I shouldn’t be doing this in real time, just got excited lol.

EDIT #2: Ok it does seem to work! I thought it might not because the Editor stack makes you declare a link to the posts list page. But I’ve got it working on two different pages - one with the full blog, and one with Category Only Mode enabled. The “Posts Folder” in the main Alloy stack have to match, obviously, but it seems to work fine.

Probably obvious to most of you but a successful development for me

i would probably have a simple solution to this.

simply create several editor pages with the same login credentials and link them to each other. so you can navigate within the editor pages.

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Yeah that’s the route I started going down. And, really, it works just about as well as having it on one page in tabs. But I was able to figure out the Category display, so I’m back to one Editor stack :partying_face:

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