My Client gets spam from forms pro

I have security question set but it does not prevent the spam.
What can I do else? is there other security options for form pro?

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Hi there @Engrafiker – I’ve not run into any spam from Form or Form Pro stacks yet myself. Obviously nothing is going to be 100% devoid of spam and bots. That said I’ll have a look at it for future updates.

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I have the same problem. I tried several security questions (e.g. additions with numbers written in words) to prevent robots to solve the, but no chance. After a while i received spam again.

Hi there! I recently uploaded my site with forms pro, and today I received a spam mail. I passed a SEO test to my website and one of the issues encountered was that an email address was not obfuscated. And the only mail address tat exists in my website is inside the forms pro stack. It’s possible to obfuscate that address so it prevents some more spam mails?

Thank you!

Is the spam coming through the form or directly to the email address? The mail address is only in the PHP and shouldn’t be visible in the loaded page’s code.

Hi! It came through the form.

That would be normal form spam. Form and Form Pro do their best to stop it with a human test.