My experience installing Shutter on a self managed server

This is more of a comment/suggestion for documentation improvement than a question, but it might save someone hours of head banging in the future!

Yesterday I bought Shutter. It’s awesome. I added it to my site, and in Rapidweaver’s preview mode and preview in Safari everything looked great. Then I published to my server. It’s a cloud server from Linode.

My shutter page didn’t work. After a couple of minutes checking settings etc I realised that pages using Shutter are generated as PHP pages. I didn’t have PHP installed or configured on my server, so the adventure began.

I’m running Debian 11 and running Nginx as my web server. So I had to install a few packages to get stuff working

sudo apt install php-fpm

A few tweaks to Nginx config, but still nothing was working.
OK, looks like I’m missing some Nginx snippets

sudo apt install nginx-full

A few more tweaks to my sites Nginx config file, and hurrah I’m getting some content!
Oh, but only the site content up to just before the Shutter stack content. No pictures, and nothing after where the Shutter content should be.

And this is what took me hours to track down.

The various image functions that the Shutter stack uses to generate thumbnails etc such as imagecreatetruecolor() etc are NOT part of the core PHP packages and dependencies that are installed by sudo apt install php-fpm
imagecreateturcolor() etc are part of the php7.4-gd package (if you are using PHP 7.4, otherwise adjust the version accordingly) which were not pulled in as dependencies.

So after 5 or 6 hours of banging my head against the wall

sudo apt install php7.4-gd

Fixed everything!

I see other people have had exactly the same issue, e.g. Shutter Stack not publishing so I hope this post helps others in the future