My Second Foundry Website

##Boray Designs

My second Foundry website built in one day using another of EgoMade’s pre-built projects - Agency. Thanks again Vitor @vmcosta. I can’t imagine I am going to use anything other than Foundry from now on.
(p.s. Vitor I will replace the nice pics on the pre-built project when I get time - its 3.30am now and I am a bit tired - but happy) :slight_smile:


Dang! You’re kicking some serious butt! Good job! Keep them coming. I love seeing what people are building with Foundry!!


Nice site. That’s one of the big benefits of using pre made projects in that that you can create a fantastic looking site in a short time and get the inspiration from the project to take it in your own direction. Foundry is a web designers delight.